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Changing your filters: taking care of your AC and YOU!

Updated: Apr 11

Way past time to change this filter!

It's one of the most often neglected, but absolutely vital chores you have - checking and changing your home's HVAC filter. Understandably, it's very easy to forget about. That filter is tucked away in a utility closet, or in the garage, or somewhere else out of every day sight.

Your system's filter serves one primary purpose: protecting the machine.

Not removing allergens and providing clean air in your home - as you may have thought. Although, that can be a secondary benefit if you choose to use filters rated for that purpose.

Taking care of your AC system:

Filters are positioned in your system to catch dirt before it reaches:

  1. The temperature regulating part of your equipment - the coil that carries refrigerant, and the heater or furnace burners

  2. The motive force that moves air through your entire home - your air handler's blower motor

It's extremely important that both of these components of your system be kept as clean as possible. If they collect dust and dirt, they become much less efficient at doing their job.

Taking care of YOU:

Changing your filter regularly benefits you personally in a few ways:

  1. Your comfort: If you suffer from allergies or other conditions that make you sensitive to particulates in the air - you already may be using a filter rated to catch those smaller particles. Keep in mind ... the more the filter filters - the faster it clogs, and the sooner it needs to be replaced. If you're using an HVAC filter with a MERV rating higher than 8, we recommend you check your filter at least monthly to see if it needs to be replaced.

  2. Your energy bills: If your air filter is clogged - it's not letting the proper amount of air flow through your system. This restriction in airflow ultimately means that your system has to run longer than it otherwise would need to, in order to bring the temperature in your home to your desired setting.

  3. Your investment: If your AC system is required to routinely run more often and longer than it needs to in order to regulate the temperature in your home - its full service life will be shorter than a system that gets to run efficiently without the restriction of a clogged air filter.

When you check your filter: if you can see that it has become a medium gray color from the collection of dust and dirt - it's time to change it. If it's dark gray - you needed to change it a while ago!

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